Strategic Affairs

The Strategic Affairs Advisory Unit is mandated to develop and execute significant commercial initiatives on behalf of the Executive Affairs Authority. It is the key interface between the Executive Affairs Authority and the local and international private sector across a range of industries, with a particular focus on education, real estate and major events.

Strategic Affairs also provides research and intelligence to the Chairman of the Executive Council on commercial matters as required, and provides timely advice to the Chairman on the development of regulatory policy within Abu Dhabi.

The Urban Planning Council and Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

Logo: Urban Planning CouncilIn 2006, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of the Executive Council, mandated the Executive Affairs Authority to conduct a significant urban planning initiative for the Emirate.

Its purpose was to deliver upon the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, Ruler of Abu Dhabi for the continued fulfilment of the grand design envisaged by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the ongoing evolution of as a global capital city.

To conduct this initiative, the Executive Affairs Authority established an international urban planning task force involving the world’s best urban planning and community development experts. This taskforce was mandated with two key tasks: to create a comprehensive urban plan for the evolution of Abu Dhabi to the year 2030, and to create clear recommendations on the most effective regulatory and institutional framework to manage urban development in the future.

This process concluded in September 2007 with the establishment of the Urban Planning Council and the publication of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030: Urban Structure Framework Plan.



NYU Abu Dhabi

Logo: New York University Abu DhabiIn October 2007, the Executive Affairs Authority and New York University announced an agreement to establish NYU Abu Dhabi, a local campus of NYU.  NYU Abu Dhabi will be the first comprehensive liberal arts campus established abroad by a major research university.

NYU Abu Dhabi will be a residential research university built with academic quality and practices consistent with the prevailing standards at NYU’s campus, including adherence to its standards of academic freedom.  The development of all the programs at the campus will be overseen by the New York-based faculty and senior administrators. The campus, created using programs and standards set by NYU, will include extensive classroom, library and information technology facilities: laboratories, academic buildings, dormitories, faculty and residential housing, student services, athletic and performance facilities. 

The campus is expected to eventually cater for upwards of 2,000 students, with a particular focus on students from the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe...more



Logo: Flash CompanyIn August 2007, the Executive Affairs Authority established Flash; as a dedicated events company for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  Flash was created to meet the community’s growing demand for quality events and entertainment, to enhance the Emirate’s profile and international reputation, and to contribute to the Emirate’s social and cultural environment. 

Above all, Flash seeks to establish as the entertainment hub of the region.  Specializing in concerts, sporting events, theatrical productions and festivals, Flash is involved from concept and design phases through to the final production of events.  

Recent Flash events include concerts in by leading international artists such as Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Elton John and Shakira, in addition to major sporting events such as the Abu Dhabi World Tennis Challenge...more


Miral Asset Management

Logo: Miral Asset ManagementIn June 2011, the Executive Affairs Authority of Abu Dhabi established Miral to provide asset management and development services to the government of Abu Dhabi.  Miral was created to manage a portfolio of key government-owned assets in Abu Dhabi and is primarily focused on Yas Island. Today, Miral manages Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Marina. Miral also owns a large land bank located on Yas Island that is designated for new and exciting developments, with potential opportunities for the private sector.

Miral is fully committed to providing responsible stewardship and accountability to its partners and stakeholders in establishing Yas Island as the premiere entertainment destination of the UAE.